DO is likely the most critical element of water quality in any aquaculture operation because all aerobic aquatic organisms need a constant supply of DO to survive. Consequently, a basic understanding of the mechanisms of oxygen production, transfer, and depletion is necessary to aid aquaculturists in the successful management of pond growing systems. Although some variables affecting DO dynamics are not easily influenced by pond managers, many factors can be manipulated to improve water quality conditions for successful production.

Benefits of Aeration System:-

  1. High stocking density.
  2. Fast Growth.
  3. High production.
  4. Saves mortality and maintains ammonia level.
  5. Better Quality yield.

How to calculate Aeration system required in your farm?
We at R.S Polymers design customized aeration systems for your farms. We have a team of professionals who design farms aeration need for best efficiency in terms of production. This designing is based on various aspects like Type of fish, Quantity of stocking, Area of land in terms of measurement and Volume of water.

Features of Our Aeration system:-

  1. Professionally designed for production efficiency.
  2. Long life product.
  3. Energy efficient blowers.
  4. Aeration tubes, Stones and diffusers.
  5. Specially designed for aquaculture.
  6. Approved quality globally.
  7. Follows international standards and parameter.

R.S POLYMERS has a commitment to excellence and an objective to exceed your expectations. Our highly knowledgeable personnel are only one call or email away. Please take One Step for Buying for all your Aeration requirements for your farm.

The comprehensive solution portfolio for the aquaculture Industry that combines , Electrification, Automation and Digitalization with cutting edge technologies for improved productivity and sustainability.

Each customer has specific needs and requests that should be acknowledged. With our established and comprehensive knowledge of markets, we can offer you the best and most appropriate products, services, and solutions that can effectively and efficiently be used in your farm. Our digital solutions, broaden our extensive electrification and automation portfolio and give you long-term reliability for your investments. Dare to be persuaded under one roof:

R.S POLYMERS Ring Blowers are designed for the conveying of air as well as for generating pressure or vacuum. Industrial Ring Blowers are known by many different names across the world. They are also referred to as Regenerative Blower, Side Channel Blower, Turbine Blower, Ring Compressor, Industrial Vacuum Blowers, Vortex Blower etc.

Working of Ring blower : Ring blowers consist of an impeller that spins within a housing.When the impeller moves past the intake port, air is drawn in and trapped between the impeller blades. As the impeller continues to turn, the air is pushed both inward and outward through both channels, and this process continues until the impeller stops rotating.


1. 21st century regenerative blowers which are designed to save electricity.
2. High pressure and airflow than the usual blowers.
3. Specially designed for Aquaculture.
4. Blower Units can be installed and mounted in any axial direction.
5. Ring blowers are manufactured for both pressure and vacuum service. When a ring blower is used for pressure, it is usually configured for use as air supply units or compressors, while vacuum blowers are frequently used as vacuum pumps or fume/dust exhausters.
6. Get 1 year warranty. After sales service available throughout India.

We have a wide range of Twin Lobe Rotary Compressors / Exhausters. These are also known as Twin Lobe Roots Blower / Vacuum Pump, used in various systems and plants like Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment plants, Silos and Aquaculture. They operate on differential pressure and constant volume characteristics. We have a wide range grouped under air cooled or water cooled design which covers capacities from 10 M/Hr to 14000 M/Hr.
Our mission of Roots Blower is to provide excellent products and service with competitive prices. We understand to customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the support needed to meet your Roots Blower requirements.
Maintain your root blower with following instructions :
• Make sure proper oil levels are maintained in the gear end and grease/oil in the drive end.
• Check oil level and grease every 40 hours of operation. Loss of oil or grease should be replenished
• First oil change should be done within 100 operating hours and thereafter every 1000 hours or more often, if oil gets dirty.
• Check regularly for any knocking or abnormal sound. High frequency sound indicates bearing trouble.
• Knocking sound indicates rotor timing upset. Contact “R.S POLYMERS” for necessary adjustments.

Standard Design & Constructional Features:

• Rotary oil sealing
• Anti-friction bearings
• 100% oil-free air delivery
• Easy rotor timing setting
• No vanes, valves or rings to wear
• Rigid one piece CI casing and side plates
• Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears
• Horizontal and vertical configurations available
• Large inlet and outlet connections for minimum loss
• Alloy steel toughened shafts ground to close tolerances

• Water Treatment Plants For backwashing of filter/mixed beds
• Effluent Treatment Plants For diffused aeration and agitation of effluent
• Cement Plants For Blending, Aeration, Fluidization, Conveying
• Aquaculture For maintaining the dissolved Oxygen level
• Chemical Plants For supplying of process air
• Electroplating Plants For Oil-Free air agitation of electrolyte
• Paper Plants Knife edge coating, Drying, Conveying, Vacuum pickup
• Yarn Drying Vacuum/Pressure Drying of Yarn
• Vacuum Moulding For creating quick vacuum
• Polyester Chip Conveying & drying For transfer of polyester Chips and other similar materials
• Bag Filters For reverse cleaning of Filter bags

Aeration tubes is one of the latest technologies for aquaculture aeration. It is designed specially for commercial aquaculture and has been successfully installed in hundreds of acres of aquaculture ponds. It has high efficiency in both salt water and fresh water. R.S Polymers Tubes are made with a blend of materials that provide durability and smooth air flow.
An elastomeric blended compound of various polymers and additives.

Regulatory Compliance
RoHS compliant material (RoHS Directive 2001/95/EC Amendment 2011/65/EU). Test Report available on request

Tube properties
(Approximate values and range given here, since actual values will differ widely)

Inside Diameter

12.5 mm (tolerance +/- 0.5 mm)

Outside Diameter

25.0 mm (tolerance +/- 0.5 mm)

Wall Thickness

6.25 mm (tolerance (+/- 0.25 mm)

Micro Hole size

0.5 to 2.0 mm

Micro Hole Density

1300 to 1800 per meter

Designed Air Flow

0.5 to 1.0 m3 / hour. However when calculated as direct output of

blower air, this should be considered as 1.5 to 2.0 m3/hr

Bubble Diameter

1 to 2 mm depending on water depth, air pressure, water salinity, etc.

Effective working area

–3 to 8 m2 per mtr (will vary depending on stocking density and type

of culture in which it is used)

Oxygen utilization rate (%)

10 to 20%

Oxygenation capacity

0.1 to 0.2 Kg of O2 per mtr per hr depending on use

Burst Pressure

50 PSI

Effective water depth

0 to 3 mtr

Recommended blower size to tube ratio

20 to 30 mtr. per HP of blower (30 to 40 mtr. per KW of blower)

depending on water depth and air flow pressure

Operating temperature range

0 (D)Celsius to 50 (D) Celsius

Usage instructions for better results

  • For best results, ensure all piping and joints are free of air leakage
  • Install at a height of at least 12” above floor of the pond. If it is PE lined pond then the tube can be installed at 6” above bottom.
  • Install on all sides of the pond
  • Operate as long as possible, preferably 24 / 7 to avoid any choking of the micro holes
  • Minimum bending radius – 0.3 mtr.
  • Fittings to be used are ½” / 16 mm fittings
  • Minimum Inlet pipe size – ½’ / 12 mm

Airstone is a piece of aquarium furniture, traditionally a piece of limewood or porous stone, whose purpose is to gradually diffuse air into the tank, eliminating the noise and large bubbles of conventional air filtration systems, and providing other benefits to the health of the fish.

They are used in fish farming tanks or nurseries. They come in different patterns and designs which are available as per stock.

We have complete fitting which are required to install Airstones I.e Silicon pipes, Connectors and values to maintain the flow of air in the tank.

Be a partner of choice for our customers is obsessed with offering our customers with complete range of products under one roof.
To ensure high quality accessories are used, R.S Polymers offers various pipes and fittings like lateral pipe, ½” heavy duty PVC pipe, grommet, take off, tee, jointer and end plugs.
Use original R.S Polymers accessories while connecting your aeration system to your farm.
1. Long Life & Durable
2. Made from high quality resins with proper quality standards.
3. Maintains Aquaculture norms.
4. Pinhole free.
5. Tested and quality certified.