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R.S POLYMERS group is the world’s leading supplier of both cages culture as well as pen culture.

The cages provide an ideal platform for fish farming. Wide non-slip walkways with high freeboard around all sides of the cages allow the operator full flexibility of operation and easy access from cage to cage. This is becoming essential for good fish husbandry and maintenance. The compactness and simplified mooring arrangements make our Cages a very attractive option for many sites. Our cages are available in a wide range of models, singular double string systems and sizes up to 15×20 m to suit individual needs.

We offer several types of nets for your cages. Both traditional and proven fibre nets (mainly nylon) made by Premium suppliers across the nation, As the net is the only barrier keeping your valuable farmed fish inside and predators outside, it is the most critical piece of equipment on a cage farm that prevents fish escapes and other fish losses. Consequently, only the highest quality and design must be used, combined with our technical design and dimensioning. In order to ensure correct net specifications for your farm site, documented site environmental loads from currents, waves and wind must be used for dimensioning and design. This must be followed by professional and systematic inspection, maintenance and testing throughout the life span of the net used in cage.

  1. Many types of water resources can be used, including lakes, reservoirs, ponds, strip pits, streams and rivers which could otherwise not be harvested. 
  2. A relatively low initial investment is required in an existing body of water. 
  3. Harvesting is simplified. 
  4. The growth rate of fish is faster and the feeding cycle is shorter. Culture fast and sell fast. Cage culture is flexible and convenient for management. In particular, the floating cage can be removed from unsuitable water to suitable water anytime.