R.S Polymers Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) is a technology where water is recycled and reused after mechanical and biological filtration and removal of suspended matter and metabolites.

This method is used for high- density culture of various species of fish, utilizing minimum land area and water. It is an intensive high density fish culture unlike other aquaculture production systems. Instead of the traditional method of growing fish outdoors in open ponds and raceways, in this system fish are typically reared in indoor/outdoor tanks in a controlled environment.

Recirculating systems filter and clean the water by recycling it back to fish culture tanks. The technology is based on the use of mechanical and biological filters and the method can be used for any species grown in aquaculture.

R.S Polymers is the most reputed manufacturer of RAS in India with world class in house manufacturing facilities and Global standard product quality. We undertake projects on turnkey basis and also supply spare parts.

R.S POLYMERS is recognized by National Fisheries development Board, Government of India for implementation of RAS systems under PMMSY.

  • Extended durability of tanks and equipment
  • Reduced dependency on antibiotics and the rapeutants hence, advantage of getting high quality fish. Reduction of direct operational costs associated with feed, predator control and parasites.
  • Potentially eliminate release of parasites to recipient waters.
  • Risk reduction due to climatic factors, disease and parasite impacts
  • RAS production can promote flexibility in terms of location for farming, proximity to market.
  • Enable production of a broad range of species irrespective of temperature requirements.
  1. Cost effective: In house manufacturing of all equipment’s leads to lower product cost.
  2. Global standards: International quality products.
  3. Durability: All our projects equipment’s comes with standard warranty.
  4. Service: After sales service to system and AMC Packages available.
  5. Training: Technical training and designing of projects with our qualified and experienced consultants.
  6. Customization: We design according to your needs and budgets.
  7. Execution: Time barred project deliveries and installation.

We manufacture high quality stainless steel drum filters having capacity from 500 liters per minute to 3000 liters per minute. Comes with complete accessories like control panel, Backwash system, motors and sump tank.

Our RAS Drum filter is prefabricated according to your needs and ready to install to your plant. Consult R.S Polymers Engineer for technical details of your project.

Our Biofilter for Aquaculture is designed in 3 stage system which makes it unique and effective. The biofilter houses the nitrifying bacteria and is the primary site where biological nitrification occurs. Nitrifying bacteria process dissolved nitrogenous waste products excreted by the aquatic organisms being cultured.

We can supply ready to use filtration for your RAS projects having capacity up to 8000 Liters per minute.

Consult R.S Polymers Engineer for technical details of your project.

One of the major components for a complete RAS filtration is U.V Filter. This light is electromagnetic radiation just below the visible light spectrum. The wavelength of UV-C light is 200-280 nanometers.

UV-C light is highly germicidal and has an antiseptic effect. With the use of irradiation of UV-C light to a contaminated surface, or in running water, it is possible to control excessive growth of micro-organisms including bacteria. UV disinfection is a proven method to kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi, but first and foremost to keep the system water clear and free of small particles even at low dosage. Consult R.S Polymers Engineer for technical details of your project. Available with filtration capacity up to 3000 LPM.

Skimmer or foam fractionators are used for removal of fine solids and dissolved protein from the water. Skimmers remove dissolved particles from a waste water flow by adsorption of the particle at the gas-liquid surface. Water molecules that border an air surface tend to align themselves.

Our unique designed skimmer for your project shall increase the quality of water to your fish tank. Consult R.S Polymers Engineer for technical details of your project.