The Collapsible Water Tank is one of the easiest and most economical ways to contain drinking water on the spot. Constructed from a flexible fabric material, can fit in the most hard to reach spaces and when filled, will stay low in profile. When empty it’s easily folded and light and can ship from one location to the next. Their versatility and easy installation has made them perfect for industrial, commercial and residential areas. Standard sizes and capacities for the tank can be seen below. Custom sizes and dimensions may also be available depending on your requirements.

Implementation of a collapsible tank in your rainwater system will vary depending on your storage options and connection requirements. One of the most common ways these tanks are used is through connection to a downspout. One possible setup can be seen below:

  1. As rain falls from the sky, it hits, collects and drains from the top of roof
  2. As rain hits the roof, it flows down into the downspout (Downspouts are connected to filters at the end)
  3. Most downspouts will include a filter to help remove large debris and sediment. As water flows through the downspout, leaves and debris are removed.
  4. Water is then channeled through a hose which is connected to the collapsible tank. 
  5.  Tanks can be filled with water for immediate use or storage.

At the tank’s discharge, fittings and pumps are attached to move water out of the tank and into sprinkler systems, irrigation systems or other utilities.

Tank Material: Typically PVC&EPDM, although different fabrics may be used to offer compliance with hydrocarbons, fuel, potable and non-potable water. 

Capacities: The collapsible tank is built in several different capacities up to 40,000 gallons.
Fittings: Fittings typically include two to four fill/discharge ports, hoses, floor drain ports and vents. If you require specific fittings, please don’t hesitate to ask. These tanks are highly flexible and can be built to meet your specifications. 
  •    2 to 4 Fill/Discharge Ports (4″)
  •    2 x 2 Floor Drain Ports
  •    Hoses
  •    2″ Diameter Vents 
  1. Oil Field Water Storage
  2. Hydro Fracking Water Storage
  3. Military Operations
  4. Construction Sites
  5. Lawn & Pest Control Companies
  6. Waste Water Treatment
  7. Recreational Facility Storage (Hotels, Complexes)
  8. Product Facilities
  9. Mining Process Water Storage
  10. Hilly and rural areas
  11. Storage of running water in mountain range for drinking and household use.
  1. Wide Range of Storage Capacities
  2. Sizes from 25 to 40,000 gallons
  3. Equipped with Multiple Fittings
  4. Used in Various Climates
  5. Low Transportation Costs
  6. Lies Flat when Empty
  7. Can be Rolled up or Folded
  8. Cost-Effective Bulk Liquid Storage
  9. Quick Setup Times
  10. Running water in hilly areas.