After immense research and development, we have developed a water carrying pipe. It is available in different colours. R.S Polymers PVC Reinforced flexible pipe comes in many sizes. 75 mm (3 inch) is the smallest size we currently make and available up to 250 mm (10 inch). Our pipes are durable and easily REPAIRABLE .Standard length of the pipe is 60m or 200feet. The length can be made upto 300m per pipe without any joint in between. But this makes the cost high as wastage increases.

These pipes have high strength and are durable in rough use as well. Available in 400 Gsm fabric and up to 2800 GSM on request.

1.For Fire Fighting Industrial Use Utilities Water Water Delivery.
2.Pvc/Epdm Lining High-Strength Synthetic Fiber Lined With Rubber Strips
3.For Fire Purpose Industrial Pumps Or Vehicles For Conveyance Of Water Or Other Extinguishing Agent These Are Widely Employed In Industries Of Mining.
4.For Municipal corporation i.e sewer cleaning vehicles and heavy fluid suction vehicles.

R.S Polymers delivery pipes are also called as next generation pipes as they are durable till ages. To order your requirement at bestowed prices, Get in touch with our sales representative !