In order to maintain high quality and hygienic seed with a verified count, R.S Polymers has its own seed bank situated in Delhi which offers seeds of different fishes to nearby states.

Started with a small effort of good quality seed practice, Today we are supplying almost 40 Million seeds every year to farmers of nearby states.

It is one of the largest seed bank in north India, With different varieties of fishes. We grow fishes to a suitable size, Conditions the seed, Checks their quality and supply hygienic and active seed which is ready to stock in your farm.

We count and load in front of your eyes.
2. Only active and conditioned seeds are supplied.
3. Fast growth and better production.
4. You pay for the size you buy.
5. Bonus seeds with every order.
6. Knowledge and support for your farm.
7. We buy in bulk and grow it for you at our risk. Supply you only the best.

With a team of professionals at work we create a controlled environment through a multi-level treatment process. In addition the farm integrates a high degree of artificial intelligence through controlled cycles and farm management information system to achieve a productive and environmentally friendly operation.

Presently we have a vast variety of seeds stocked with us. Get in touch with our executive for day to day update on availabilities.

R.S Polymers has setup a research and development farm in Delhi where we offer you innovative, single-source measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality. Our day to day practice is to explore modern techniques of farming which can give benefits to farmers.

To understand farming and get into deeper version, It was important to get practical. Our farming teaches us every day. We share our experience and mistakes with our farmers and believe to enhance quality of farming each day.

One step towards society and our Nation.

R.S Polymers Announces FREE training and visits to their farm. You are free to visit our farms and learn technical skills for fish farming, Aquaponics, Processing of goods and export along with seed conditioning.

Connect to our Facebook R.S Polymers page for updates on visits to Smart fish farm.

It’s not Hard work, Its Smart work.

We invest in research to understand the health of farmed fish and seafood, then develop innovative techniques that keep them healthy and boost performance.

R.S Polymers looks for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and across our supply chain. We continuously refine our environmental management systems based upon internationally recognized standards.

We improve aquaculture sustainability by increasing the efficiency of feed and conversion to reduce environmental impact and conserve natural resources. We help farmers to raise more fish and seafood while preserving marine resources for future food production.

Experience –R.S Polymers has been in market for years and has enormous experience in animal nutrition
Fish health and welfare – we deliver products that support the overall health of fish.
Partnership – we work together with our customers to create mutual success.
Performance – excellent biological and financial performance, documented.
Service – we add value to feed products through extended service and support.

In stock:-
Floating fish feed ( 0.6 MM, 0.8 MM, 1.2 MM, 1.8 MM, 2.5 MM, 4.0 MM )

Check with our representative for latest feed stocks and prices.