Introducing a smart setup for processing of fish in Haryana has made R.S Polymers an ENTERPRENUER with complete solution for famers.

Determined to assess the opportunities and explore new segments for farmers, Market development is important.

Well aware about the fact of production growth in our nation we have opened new doors to support supplies in domestic markets.

We have defined growth strategy that identifies and develops new market segments for current products and targets non-buying customers in currently targeted segments. We also target new customers in new segments.

Our initiative for market expansion and diversification is a turnaround strategy for aqua farmers in North India.

Established with Processing technology of Blast chamber and Cold storage, We have a capacity of 60 tons of storage and processing up to 4 tons Everyday.

Create new markets worldwide for the products we grow.
Get better price for farmer’s production.
Increase export.

Expand your farms and sell your produce in International market because R.S POLYMERS is a perfect example of market development. We make you cherish the comfort of ONE STOP SHOP for all your dealings.

We are buying your produce at best prices. Get in touch with our representative to know current price.

Present in 16 countries with our products successful installations across the globe. R.S Polymers is one of the most meritorious manufacturer amongst its competitors in International market. Keeping in mind about our International existence, We are all set to foot in business to export fish worldwide. Our creativity is driven by depth study in an effort to give you the best result and position of our product successfully in international market.

We’re on a mission to start studying the exact market for our products worldwide and establish the product in appropriate market.

We fuel our business by growing it globally through our expert team and by presenting the product visibility to the customers abroad.