Our Commercial Refrigeration solutions go well beyond cabinets, counters and freezers. We offer complete refrigeration systems and controls to help stores of all sizes of seafood, ensure food freshness and safety while reducing environmental impact and annual operating costs.

1. Turnkey coldstorage solutions for frozen fish. ( Export Purpose)
2. Blasting chambers.
3. Ante Room.
4. Pallets and racks.
5. Heating Doors.
6. Digital display’s.
7. Energy saving compressors.

The spoilage of fish due to protein denaturation, fat changes and dehydration can all be slowed down by reducing the storage temperature. Practice for Frozen Fish recommends that frozen fish products should be stored at temperatures appropriate for the species, type of product and intended time of storage.

The recommended storage temperature for all fishery products is -20°C and this temperature has also been adopted throughout globe. Spoilage by bacterial action in any practical sense is completely arrested at this temperature and the rate at which other undesirable changes proceed is greatly reduced. Some products can be stored safely at higher temperatures than the -20°C recommended providing storage is only for a short period. Since it is not always possible to guarantee that a product will stay in storage no longer than originally intended, it is generally safer to use the lower recommended temperature.

Practical storage lives (PLS) of fish products

ProductStorage life in months
 – 18°C– 24°C– 30°C
Fatty fish (glazed)59> 12
Lean fish (fillet)91224
Flatfish1018> 24
Shrimp (cooked/peeled)5912


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